Look at this, how nice the weather is today. I don’t think there will be any climbs ahead or the snowy mountains that I have passed months ago. The temperature is hot with low humidity, nice scenery…

Passing by a small fruit store at the roadside, I bought a watermelon. It is good for this kind of weather, I have eaten half and I plan to keep another half for tonight, haha..

The road was getting less people after I have pass Chisinau and now I am heading to the border of Romania

It’s only 3pm in the afternoon, what should I do now? Any suggestions? Actually I am feeling a bit sleepy now, should I find a place to sleep?

There were another 45-50km to the Romania border

I can ride slowly towards the border since it is still early. I have planned to camp for tonight so that I could save the money to look for the accommodation, but I have to find a nice and safe place to set up my camp first.

It’s about 8pm now, and I have found a house by the roadside. It seems to be a rest house / cafe. Let’s explore it

Take a look at this, I believe that those antiques can still be used after they are refurbished. Can I take it home? HAHA

Believe it or not, I have granted permission from the owner of the house to set up the camp here behind his house. What a nice guy 👍, how lucky I am 🙂