The house owner invited me for a lovely breakfast. Look at the photo, what a nice and lovely meal for me, is like I am having breakfast at a nice restaurant. The owner was curious about where I came from and why I ended up here. After some conversations with him, he quickly called up his friend, who is the reporter from the local TV news. He spoke in his own language on the phone which I don’t understand and he asked me to wait for a while as his friend is coming to his house and going to write about my story for the news.

For those who just started to follow this FB page, welcome and hope you like it. Actually, I have already completed this journey from Kuala Lumpur to London by solo cycling in 2012, which is about 9 years ago. I have completed 18,000km of cycling and I am able to reach London 2 days before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic. Some friends have DM/PM me to be safe while cycling during this pandemic. Anyway,I have to say thank you to everyone.

After about half an hour, a young girl from Moldova TV news reporter arrived. We sat down together and she was writing down the story of mine and broadcasting it on the local news. Many thanks. I couldn’t believe it, HAHA

After some chats with the videographer and the cameraman, they were amazed that I have come so far from my country by cycling alone. He loves cycling as well , we have the same hobby!!

Looking at the hunting guns and the specimens in the house, I believe that the owner in the house loves to hunt. Many thanks to his hospitality and he even welcomed me to sleep inside his house but I have chosen to camp outside in his beautiful garden. Here are few ideas for winter planting in Florida that makes sure that the garden is beautiful all throughout the year.

Is summer now, what a beautiful view outside. This area was full of sunflowers which are bigger than my palm, this is the view that I couldn’t see everyday in my life.

I will never feel bored when I cycle / travel alone. I like to look at the greenery and communicate with the plant. Sometimes I would like to stop by to touch and feel it, like I am talking to them. I still remember a few months earlier during winter in China, the scenery was only white in the morning and black during the night, especially on the high mountains. Plants are hard to survive up there, my life was so dull during that period. I am so grateful that the summer has finally come and I am glad that I have gone through every moment that I can’t forget 😍

Finally, I have reached the border. I am now entering Europe and the best thing is I will not need to apply for a visa anymore. I am now free to cross everywhere, no need to spend time and money to apply for a visa. Thanks to the Malaysia passport, it is one of the best passports in the world!

Romania is the 10th country I have passed from Kuala Lumpur. I am now approximately 15,000km from home. I can’t believe that I have made it so far. Look at these big bird nests on top of the electric pole. How is the father bird going to choose a nest location for it’s pregnant mother bird? Firstly, the bird will start to pick up the small little branch one by one and stick it together without a structure/ building plan. I am amazed how these birds are going to educate their next generation on how and what materials that they are going to build their nest. The nest still stood strong and held the eggs and the baby safely no matter if it was sunny or rainy. What a wonderful species 👍

Romania is the largest country in Southeastern Europe, The terrain looks generally flat and I hope there will be no mountain ahead. It was time for me to pick up more mileage. I hope that there will be lots of fruit along the way and hope that I can find a safe place to camp tonight 👍👍👍.

I still need to focus and keep track of my daily mileage to achieve what I have planned earlier. I have to hit more but not below my daily mileage so that everything can go smoothly. I am now a few days ahead of my plan but I would like to keep it when I hit the big city. So far, my bike is going well without any problems, I have another 1 month to reach London.

Is 9.30pm now, I have to stop for dinner and I call it another great day of the journey.