I do not need to apply for a visa anymore after I enter Romania, I am in the Eurozone now. I can enter many countries in the Eurozone freely. I will definitely be riding zig zag in those countries since I was here and it’s fun to explore every part of Europe but my plan doesn’t allow me to do so. I have to reach London on time for the Olympics. Anyway, I will come back to Europe again next time.

Ok now, I don’t know how to order and I just pick it from the picture in the menu and I have no idea what I will get on my table. Let’s have a look, it doesn’t seem not bad, the meat is soft and doesn’t stick to the bone, and comes with nicely cut bread.

Overall, the dish is simple and tasty without anyone sharing it with me, HAHA.

Everyday I meet many wells. Cold water with FREE refills!!

This is the scenery along the cloudy day during the end of June in Romania. No bad actually..

I pass by Pascani and Piatra Neamt, a small town located in the northeastern part of Romania. After that, I will take the small roads horizontally to the west as my next country is Hungary. Hungary, here I come!

There were about 600km more to cross the northern part of Romania.