I will get confused each time I get the new currency. I need to recalculate the currency rate each time I enter a new country. It will take some time for me to get used to it. All I need now is to separate all those leftover currencies from the country that I have passed. I also need to calculate how many days I need to spend in this country and also how much money I need to withdraw. I need to spend the money wisely in order to stay on my budget. It was interesting to see different currencies along this journey, I feel like keeping all of them 🙂

Piatra Neamt is one of the most picturesque cities in Romania and the area around this city is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Romania. It feels like a holiday town for me, these cable cars bringing people / tourists going up to the hill.

Feel like buying some, the price doesn’t looks expensive, haha

While walking around the street, I was thinking that I did not have any sickness, flu or fever so far from Malaysia. So far, I only got diarrhea once somewhere in China because I have eaten a bowl of spicy and oily noodle soup. However, I did not take any medicine after that. All I did was go back to my room, force myself to drink around 4 liters of water for detoxing. Everything was fine after around 2.5 hours and I can continue my cycling for the next day :).

A rottweiler photo stuck on the glass, maybe he is one of the seller’s pets? By the way, this kind of donut is delicious for me, especially the kind that they put in. It was really appetising.

I like to shop in second hand stores as I could find some unique and good quality stuff with very good prices.

What is he looking at? Make sure that everything is still there? Hahaha

What a nice big portion of food that I can get with only around RM3. You can get a big bowl of mushroom with tomato sauces and smooth mash potatoes. It will definitely recharge my energy after this meal.

A good person will always be remembered by everyone. I can’t remember how many statues there are in Malaysia, anyone?

It reminds me of ‘Aunti Anne’s pretzel.

Bump in a computer shop to have a look, the owner approaches and talks to me. We had a great time chit chatting about the foods in Romanias. He was so excited and wanted to show me his homemade Red Wines, which he has kept in the basement for some time. He mentioned that he will bring some of his homemade wine to my room after work, such a wonderful guy. .

Wow, he really brought along his homemade wine to my room, more than half of the bottle!, I don’t know what to say next. Anyway, have a wonderful day, stay safe, stay healthy and be happy🤗. Have a good day, ciao