A friend of mine reminded me to be extra careful when entering Romania because this is the place where the Dracula came from. It started at Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

According to the archaeology University of Florida, Prince of Wallachia (also known as Vlad III) often considered one of the most important rulers in Wallachian history and a national hero of Romania.

Is 8pm now, I am now entering Oradea. A city located in a sub-region of Transylvania and it is one of the most important crossing points on Romania’s border with Hungary. Now I am looking for a cheap place to stay before entering Hungary.

Passby Oradea City hall building, it is one of the landmarks in this city, this hall has been for more than 100 years.

I found a place somewhere hiding behind the street with a good price of below RM50 per night.

What I can get is an ensuite with a bathroom attached! Clean and good looking

This is way better for what I pay for, definitely worth it

This is the place I stop for a meal. This food is called Shaorma, you can choose either roasted beef or chicken meat and nicely wrap with some vege and nice sauce…yummy

I am now heading to Bors, the border of Hungary

Usually it is not allowed to take photos around the immigration border. But the border is quiet and empty today, no one is going to check any documents, just pass it. Haha.

Let’s go to Budapest in two days!

Look at this feller, they are cycling on a bicycle, would you like to follow me to London? haha

I have exchange some local currency, RM10 to 700 Hungarian Forint

They are using this to water the farm, nice.

This place is my best choice to grab my lunch and you can get a free air conditioner inside.

Hmm, looks like I am entering a bicycle friendly country. Everyone is cycling.

I am thinking that this water pump is still functional? Or just put it here for fun… I really feel that going to turn the wheel and see whether that any water will come out

How come the bus can be on the railway? Any problem with my eye?

Ohhhh please help me! The road is so straight, no idea how far I can go.

I did not bring any medicine or aspirin during the whole journey. I learnt from the nutrition doctors that my body will function well itself if I feed my body with the right nutrition.

Many thanks to Herbalife Malaysia for sponsoring the great nutrition for me during the whole journey to London👍.