I’m not sure after few months get used to ride on the right side of the road system might confuse with the left lane system. I think should be ok..

It’s summer now, I felt exhausted cycling under the hot weather, it was dry and the humidity was low. There was another 100km to reach my next destination, Budapest. It was great to have a rest under the overhead bridge.

I felt extremely grateful everyday that I am still alive. Just let the past become my memories, lessons and experience. All I have to do is stay positive all the time, keep moving forward, and never look back.

I am now travelling halfway toward Budapest along the E60 road. I am so lucky that a lady invited me to stay at her place for tonight.

I can park my bike inside the house, how nice!

I stay at the penthouse which comes with a skyroof, what a lovely room.

The bathroom even comes with a bathtub, I need a good wash for myself as I did not shower for a few days.

I have met so many kind people along the way. They offer food, water refill, night shelter, shower, laundry, bike repairs…. What a wonderful world that I am living in.

Cycling in Europe is smooth, the traffic was not busy over here. The journey to London was getting closer. There are only 3 weeks until the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.