One of the mostIconic architectural buildings in Budapest, the Parliament. It was the third largest Parliament building in the world, Met one of the Hungarian tough guys. The Hungarian “let me tell you the greatness of this building” . After that, we go for beers, HAHA He looks like the God of Mafia in the city, but I don’t want to get into his body weight. Is too much, haha

Today, I am having a full day trip exploring the city of Budapest ! It is very convenient to move around with a bicycle in the city, it is environmentally friendly as well. 🙂 As you can see, the building was unique, especially the roofing. You can look into for professional and classy roofing services. This city is full of architecturally noteworthy buildings with a wide range of styles

It is important to look back and make eye contact if there is any vehicle turning right although it is a bicycle friendly lane. I have seen so many buildings with this kind of design, do you realise this? Is it a kind of church or what? Cute, only can be found here. A bicycle traffic light. Finally I have arrived in Budapest, Hungary.!!!! After a long way from home,