It is important to look back and make eye contact if there is any vehicle turning right although it is a bicycle friendly lane.

I have seen so many buildings with this kind of design, do you realise this? Is it a kind of church or what?

Cute, only can be found here. A bicycle traffic light.

Finally I have arrived in Budapest, Hungary.!!!!

After a long way from home, I plan to spend a day off in Budapest to look around. I am now looking for a place to stay at the cheapest rate.

A pitch tent camper will cost around RM85 per night, let’s try it out. Around rm85 per night for a pitch tent camper.

I am not alone for tonight, I have neighbours !

I don’t think I will get full with this tiny 1 foot long sausage bun.

Anyway, I got a free drink from a young cashier, maybe she thinks that I am handsome. HAHAHA… She recommends me must try goulash, which is a famous Hungarian food.. Hm…