I am now travelling from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia. Look at these yellow sport motorbikes, I always love those motorbikes especially with the big engine types. I think that those motorbikes are unique on their own, not like cars. It could travel much easier than a car as well. However, one of the downsides of the motorbike is the consumption of petrol, it will not move unless you pump petrol in. Unlike bicycles, you can travel to wherever you want with your bicycle without any single drop of petrol. I have traveled more than 10,000km with my bicycle from Kuala Lumpur until here in Budapest, Hungary, thousands of kilometers to go until I reach London. HAHA

Take a look at these, those cherries were grown along the road!!, while you only can buy it in the supermarket in Malaysia and it is not cheap. Thanks to nature, I can enjoy unlimited cherries during this summer day by just plugging it in and eating it as much as I can. It was sweet and tasty 👌

Nice weather and the traffic is quite as usual when you travel to the outskirts of the city. I can enjoy the view rather than focusing on the incoming vehicles.

Wow, this is the biggest touring group that I have seen so far while traveling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🤫🤫🤫. A good place to take a rest under the nature maple tree.

It is not cheap to dine in for a meal. A happy meal will cost you almost RM9 in 2012…

What you see in front of you is not a sea, it is a Lake! It’s called Lake Balaton, a freshwater lake located in the region of Hungary and it is the largest lake in Central Europe

This lake has attracted many of the people in the country during the summer to enjoy the water and the sun. They came from all over the place and some of them even drove more than 300km to reach here!

Well organised food stall can be found at the lake side. You can find a variety of foods here.

I prefer eating this rather than McDonald’s, lucky I didn’t order any food from Mcd. Hawaiian Pizza for my lunch!!

I am wondering if these missale is still active? Anyone can get close to take a look at these military equipment without any gate or barrier.

Can you spot the rare BMW E39 wagon? I think this is one of the car for BMW lover’s

I doubt that these roads without any signboard could navigate me from Kuala Lumpur to London? How can I do this without the help of Google Map, Waze or even compass? I tell you what I did is to follow the sun as my accurate guidance 👍