It will take me 2 days from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia. The travelling distance is about 350km. Although it was quite far, as you can see the traveling road is nice and relaxing. I am now almost reaching the border or Croatia. Croatia, here I come!

The road seems not busy at all with almost no vehicle crossing.

I am reaching Croatia, the 12th country that I entered during this journey, Another 4 more countries to reach the UK for the London Olympics.

The road condition and the speed limit over here is very nice

We actually don’t know each other, this is our first met but I was able to get a free drink from her, thanks !

I think this is the best place for me to get my breakfast

I love the sunlight and the UV over here and it is very healthy for me

There were 22 days left before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic 2012. Am I able to get there before the ceremony?

I am now in Zagreb,it is the capital and largest city of Croatia, with a population of around 1m.

I think there must be a lake or river nearby.

Croatian national theatre Zagreb, opened in the end of the 17th century. Nice building