This is the morning view of the third largest city of Croatia, Rijeka. I am now heading to Slovenia and Italy.

There were around 1,700km from here to London and 20 days to go before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic. I just need to cycle around 85km per day in order to reach there on time. Alternatively, I could hit more distance a day so that I could spend more time at the place/city that I like. 👍

As usual, entering Slovenia is easy and there are no checkpoints as I am now in the EU zone.
According to the map, I just need to travel around 50km crossing the south of Slovenia to enter Italy, I will definitely come back in another time to explore Europe.

Turning on the headlamp for 24hr and driving within the speed limit has already become my habit. It could definitely prevent the incident which could happen

It took me 4 hours + cycling from Croatia – Slovenia – Italy. What a good experience by travelling 3 countries within 5 hours of cycling 😁

Italy – France – UK. There is around 1500km left to go… I have traveled more than 16,500km from Kuala Lumpur until here and encountered dozens of challenges. I am sure that I will be able to take on any challenges from now on. Anyway, I am grateful that I am still alive, HAHA

Nice downhill and sea view of Trieste, a deep-water port, is a maritime gateway for Northern Italy. The city was also rated as one of the 25 best small towns in the world for quality of life.