My ultimate bike, it is still in good shape and working good although it has been travel 16,500km

I am not sure about my heart, lungs and legs muscles… I think is still in good shape as well

Nice view, they were enjoying the benefit of natural sunlight. Wish I can spend some times here in the future

What a nice place, I can see people cycling everywhere around the city

Damn, I only left a few Euros in my pocket, how can I survive? Where can I find some food with this amount of money? I am quite hungry now..

This is the cheapest that I can find at the roadside, it cost me 5 Euro for this burger and fries.

Although this is the cheapest food that I could find but the taste was awesome and delicious, I can eat this everyday!

Everything is quite expensive here (already out of my daily budget), I have to move further and find some place outskirt for tonight

You can go to Venice from here, just turn left. Let’s go!

The water is so clear until you can see the little fish inside the river. Wish I could take a swim over here since nobody is around, haha.

I’ve found few farms along the road, I think it shall be grapes

I found a great spot behind the farms to set up my tent for tonight, Good Night everyone 🙂