Here I am at the Museo Mille Miglia, this museum is famous with some private enthusiasts of the famous Mille Miglia race. I think this museum will store a lot of vintage Ferrari race cars.

If you think of iconic Italian sports cars there’s one brand that jumps to the front of most people’s minds, Ferrari. Other than that, you can also find other supercar manufacturers over here such as Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and Alfa Romeo. Also not forget some famous cool motorbikes like Ducati, Aprilia, Mv Agusta, Moto Guzzi, Cagiva and etc…

The life over here is so peaceful and relaxing.

Now I have figured out why the city is so relaxing with fresh air and quiet, it is because most of the people over here are either walking or cycling .

Even the white collar executive and his secretary are also cycling to work, let me follow them and see where their office is, haha.

I am picking up some nutrition from the sponsor here in Vendita, Italy.

What a good day to remember, 11th July 2012, is my birthday! I am now having a simple birthday meal, a can of tuna with a loaf in the morning for my carbo loading.

Hmm… As I know San Marco is a famous brand for bike saddle (seat) Selle San Marco. Is this name also a previous famous cyclist?

I got some cheering from a group of operators in a petrol station before I headed to the northern city of Italy, Milan. The city is also the second-most populous city in Italy and one of the wealthiest cities in Europe as the city is widely regarded as a global capital in industrial design, fashion and architecture.

Here I am in Milan, it is already 6pm now. After a few spins around the city, I think I have to pack and head out of the city to find a nice and safe camping spot before dark.

Ohh, Jagung farm again, hahaha 😁