What a nice place for camping, I hope that I was able to get to a similar place later in the evening.

It is getting colder now as I am going up a hill and the rise of the altitude. Currently the altitude is 1354m, slightly lower than Cameron highland in Malaysia.

As you can see there is some shelter along the way to the top of the mountain. I wish I could buy a home over here.

Look at this, what nice scenery, overlooking a small town in the valley.

I am now at the border of Italy , France is at the top of the mountain.

Passing Claviere, as I mentioned before, it is a small, but well equipped skiing village during winter Olympics. I think this place will be full of people during winter.

As I am currently in the EU zone, there is no need to show the passport while crossing the country, there is no border control as well. I am now in France, the 15th country so far during my journey, this is the last country for me before reaching the UK.

Gotta take a few more shots before the descent and I have to find a good camping spot before dark .

I have plans for the next few days. I am going to Briancon tomorrow, the highest city in France and I got to know that this small place has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. After that, I will head up to Alpe d’Huez, as this place is known internationally as an iconic cycling venue, Tour De France!!.

I have found a good spot for camping, which is beside the freezing river. Good night everyone 🙂