Good Morning, another good day for mountain climbing. As you can see, what a lovely view with a beautiful mountain ahead.

Oh no, the weather doesn’t seem good ahead. It suddenly turned cloudy, hope that it will not rain or snow later….

I will not feel sleepy no matter how long or how far I cycle but I will confirm that I will fall asleep while driving a car…

A nice rest stop and a hotel over here, I will stay here for one night if I have enough money, haha

Look at this, the gradient of the ascent is not so high but the distance is long, I could not see the end of the road.

It’s always good to take a break and enjoy the view once a while. Enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful moment of freedom. This is why I love to cycle, you can stop whenever you want to.

Do you like this place? Is a avalanche point. You might see from some 007 movie, the agent skiing through the avalanche

Avalanche point.

The weather has changed, I could see the view from far away from here when the mist was gone.

Looking back.

I think almost there…

I have been cycling for more than 3 hours now, and I really enjoy the climb.

As the altitude the getting higher, the water also become chilling now

I think I have reached the top now, it is time to go downhill. Let’s take a nice picture before going a long and fast downhill. Try to hit my limit 🙂

Is time to wear my helmet while going downhill😆