Col du Lautaret is a high mountain pass in France and it is one of the most famous mountains for the cyclist to go. This place has been crossed over 40 times by the Tour de France, it is famous for the beautiful view before a long and steep descent.

Hi, want to get something?

I think it is above 4000m at the top of the mountain. Take a look at these, the snow has covered most of the mountain and I can hear some cracking sound and some minor drop of the snow from here. I think avalanche happen most of the time around here

Wow, I think most of the people are looking for this winding and zigzag road. I am glad that I could experience this.

The view is too nice, I have to stop a few times during the descent to enjoy this moment.

I can always see the cyclist climbing up the mountain, I would like to do so if I have time.

My bicycle is loaded with stuff. I think my brakes and wheels are hot like an oven.

I guess those are for tomahawk steak, hmm, not sure how much it is. Buy one for tonight’s dinner, haha.

Looking at these, I feel like the weather should be extremely cold at the top of the mountain.

I am very curious about where the water comes from and how big is the reservoir up there. I think that I am going up and have a look

I am right! That’s the reservoir, it’s beautiful, cooling and windy

Alright, I am here now. This is the mountain that I am going to climb! Alpe d’ Heuz. I think most cyclists would know what is special about this. Alpe d’Huez is known internationally as an iconic cycling venue, as it is used regularly in the Tour de France cycle race when it was first included in the race in 1952

Ok, I will do this tomorrow morning, I have to find a place to refill and take a rest.

Oh wait, agenda for this year, meaning that they change it every year!

There are so many events throughout the year. I will definitely take part in it if I stay here.

Hmm, so many people having fun at the drain, I think I can take a shower on it, haha 👌

Hmm, it seems like everything is not cheap over here, I think I have to find a good camping spot for tonight, haha.

I have to save some money for some good food for tomorrow morning.