I found out that I am sleeping behind a backyard / garage of people’s houses. I could not see it yesterday as it was already dark and late at night when I set up the tent. Haha, so funny

Hmm, actually the view is not bad while looking out from my tent window. Nice scenery.

Is that a snail without its shell? Or can anyone tell me what it is?

This is the impressions of the people while they could not figure out how I can cycle all the way from Malaysia to McDonalds in France, HAHA.

Anyway, let’s take a photo as a memories.

And also with the Malaysia flag 👍🏻, I made my country proud.

This is the way to Paris, I am now entering Lyon, the second most populated in France. Many people might not have heard about this city, but it was one of the most important cities in France. The city also hosts the international headquarters of Interpol,

Ahh, Tour d France just passed here 2 days ago, perhaps I could speed up and catch them, haha.

I have to say what a beautiful route that Tour D France has chosen.

I like the style of this building, it is simple as it does not require any painting.

I am so hungry today, I am getting 2 meals for dinner tonight!!

Plenty of space to camp for tonight. Nice!

There is another 500 km from here to Paris. Target to reach on time.