Look at the solid blue sky! It is hard to see the sky without any clouds! It is a nice day to dry up my tent after a wet night before I use it again.

This thing is normal today in 2022 but it was really new stuff to me back in 2012, 10 years passed…

I have stopped for a while to enjoy this view as the view is absolutely stunning, overlooking the Rhone River at Lyon, France. The river is a major river in France and Switzerland, flowing from the Alps all the way to southeastern France before discharging into the Mediterranean Sea.

I believe plenty of movies been taking place here.

Plenty of it. Can anyone name it?

This is the view from the bridge, overlooking The Basilica of Notre Dame. It has been built for more than 1 century and it is one of the major symbols of Lyon.

Let’s find out what I could eat for lunch here, nothing much for my tight budget, haha.

Any French from Lyon who follow my page could tell me what is the name of this church?

There is about 75km from here to Macon, a small town in east-central France.

I am so lucky that I could successfully reach all of the places without using GPS or any digital gadget. All I have been using is plotting down my destination and drawing a simple map on a piece of A4 paper, and it works well!!

I reached Macon within 2 hours of riding, the road was smooth and fast, plus the nice weather as well.

I am currently finding some dry food at the grocery before going camping tonight.

Good night.