Grass carpet? Or the grass for the horse/cow?

Can you imagine how I can camp inside these farms at night? I thought it was only the backyard of a house, but it was a huge farm during the day time. Haha

I can confirm that it was not easy for me to look for a place to stay, especially outside the city. I am now in Europe, the currency exchange rate is not cheap and it’s really expensive for my budget. I prefer to sleep with nature and there is 100% freedom, no restriction 🙂

I could have a wine tasting in this shop. Nice

I can say the wine that is sold here is much cheaper than the duty free shop that you have been to. Forget the budget I have, I could not stop myself from getting 2 bottles for my camping.

Another places for wine tasting, haha

Look at these, there are so many varieties of red and white wine for you to taste. By the way, I still prefer red wine. 🙂

I am now In the city of Beaune, France. This small city is located in the eastern of France between Lyon and Dijon.It is one of the key wine centers in France and is surrounded by some of the world’s most famous wine villages, as they have been since Roman times.

Looking at those narrow roads, I can spend all day cycling on these narrow roads in the city. I can stop wherever I want to, I can just park my bicycle on the roadside. The weather is great and cooling

I almost fell asleep here after a quick lunch. Maybe I can take a nap here?

Here you can see the budget rate example but I prefer to use the money to get better meals for many days.

This is Beaune river and you can see there are plenty of river cruise ships parked along the dock. You can choose a variety of cruise packages along here and it normally takes 6-7 nights in the whole package. Meals and wines are included. Anyone interested?