Finally, I am here in Paris, there is another 500 km more to my final destination, London. I have 9 days left before the grand opening ceremony of the London Olympic that was held on 27th July 2012.

I plan to walk around the city and this is my first time in Europe. I have never been this far away from Malaysia. Maybe I will stay in the city for 2 days before heading to London.

Plan to see around Paris since I have never been to Europe before and I have never been away from Malaysia this far. Will plan maybe 2 days here

Look what I found, a naked bike, Ducati. Sorry owner, I couldn’t hold my happiness when I saw this and did not hesitate to take a photo with it. This is one of my dream bike and I hope that I can own one of it in the future 🙏🏻

You can see a lot of street art in Paris.

I think you might question what I wear during the whole journey. As you can see in the photo, this is the only top and bottom, and a pair of flip flops since day one. This is the only casual wear that I have beside the cycling attire, which is also only 1 set.

This city is full of art and fashion. I am not sure that this drawing is temporary or permanent.

Police in Paris are patrolling the streets on bicycles.

I thought this was the Arc de Triomphe when I saw it from far, but it is just a similar arc. Can anyone tell me the name of it?