A small towing caravan. Good for a small family, you can sleep on it whenever you are tired. Haha

The Eiffel tower is one of the most recognisable structures in the world. It’s a masterpiece for me. Could you imagine this building was built 130 years ago, with a height of 330 meters!!

I have left my bicycle and luggage behind and decided to go for a tour in Paris. All the while I am cycling with my bicycle, this is my first time to left my bicycle to go for the tour by my foot

I was impressed with the drawing of this floor art and wondered what they use for drawing. Will the color wash off during the rain?

I like this photo very much, I think it tells us to be a good listener. “Keep quiet and listen”

Ducati Monster, one of my dream bikes. I can’t resist sitting on it. Hope I can own this bike in the future.

I still remember that I purposely went to a bicycle shop to work for a few months just to learn every single bolt and nut of the bicycle.

It was crucial because I need to be able to fix it during my journey if the bicycle has broken down. During the journey, I have broken 2 wheel spoke, 10 puncture tires, chain wear off and the brake pads has totally worn out.

Hj Bakar Noordin

Kebab, simple and delicious. It was below 5 Euro during that time, I think the price has been increase significantly.

These ultra compact two seat electric micro cars called Renault Twizy. It also serves as an Uber car in Paris. I think it could perfectly avoid for many traffics because of its size .

Seafood from the bottom of the sea looks fresh and delicious.

Statistically speaking, Paris is generally a quite safe city when comparing its low violent crime levels to ones in major American metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, however, pickpocketing remains a problem in the French capital, particularly in crowded areas like the Metro and around popular tourist attractions Pickpockets are known to operate heavily in areas frequented by tourists and use fairly predictable strategies to distract and rip off the unaware.

Therefore, I chose to double lock my bicycle.