Another gathering at night in the Malaysia embassy invited by the family.

Let’s have a short video of the people boarding the subway in Paris. (check the video in the comment below)

A photo with Mr Barkar Noordion in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

A guy showing his BMW stunts in front of Eiffel Tower. #eifeltowerparis

Princess Diana memorial on the tunnel of the accident on 31 August 1997 in a W140 Mercedes Bens.

This statue looks weird, its actually named Soghomon Soghomonian. Also known as Komitas. He was an Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, and choirmaster, who is considered the founder of the Armenian national school of music

Someone is not happy with their bicycle, just throw it to the river, haha

A bridge full of locks..It looks like a love lock bridge. I have 2 bicycle locks and I think I just need a lock from now to London. I have left one of my locks here in case I have a chance to come back again to check it out in the future. It’s been almost 13 years from now

How about wearing a leather jacket on a bike? Is it cool?