I have found some interesting landmarks while exiting Paris.

The Obelisk, Paris oldest monument.

One of the magnificent churches in Paris, The Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine. It is a Catholic parish church.

You can see the wording that stated in the building “To the greatest and best god”. The church was completed in 1848, almost 200 years of history. The exterior and interior of the church are undergoing a major project of cleaning and restoration, which began in 2020 and is scheduled for completion by this year.

I am here at Calais, this area is the narrowest point in the English Channel, which is only 34 km wide here, and is also the closest French town to England. The White Cliffs of Dover can easily be seen on a clear day from here.

There are few ways to travel from France to the UK. You can choose either by flights, tunnel or ferry.

I am sure some of the people have heard of the Channel Tunnel, which connects France and the UK, the longest underwater section of any tunnel in the world. The passenger can choose to sit in the train or park their car inside the train for their short journey.

However, I have chosen another way, which is to take the ferry ride across the straits of Dover.

Travelers who drive cars, motorbikes also can use the ferry service to cross the straits.

I have paid 50 Euro for the fare with my bicycle.

The travel period was around 1.5 hours, so I can enjoy the view on the ferry.