My goal is getting closer and closer. I can see “London” on the road sign now. This journey was like playing a puzzle, I can almost see the whole picture now and currently just left a few pieces of the puzzle to put inside. I am really enjoying what I am doing now. It was really a self achievement for me after cycling for more than 5 months from Malaysia to here.

Poor little dog, someone left it outside a store in the petrol station. I guess the owner is buying some stuff inside the store.

Good morning UK! It is beautiful to have a nice view to look at every morning.

I am here to make my plan a reality!

I have planned everything before I started the journey so that I don’t have to consider where I want to go and what to do next.

Finally I have come back to the left lane after months of riding on the right lane. I am a bit confused in the beginning. I am back to commonwealth country, HAHA

I am clear about my goal and destination. I always told myself “Do not give up, you can do it!”. I will not make a u-turn during half way of the journey. This is my only ticket to go back to Malaysia when I reach London. One way ticket, Nothing else ( ↑ London)