My whole body stinks, “it’s time for me to have a deep shower, it’s been a month at least…” Throwback from my visit to the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana, the ambassador told me that there were fews Malaysian were working at Atyrau, as shown in the photo above. I am lucky to get the contact information and maybe I can meet them..Hopefully 🤞 Atyrau is the last city before

I thought it was a horse far away as it has so many different colors and textures. However, when it comes to a closer look, the truth is, it was a camel, I really can’t believe that it looks so different!! I can’t believe my eyes again as it really caught my attention even during the windy condition, there is a thing that is rolling from all directions, from left

Throughout this journey, I have found out that traveling alone was much more convenience and enjoyable. It was easy for me to plan which direction should I go, how far is the distance, when and where to stop, where and when to eat. It was totally 100% freedom without getting any opinion by others, I could do whatever I want, just enjoying my own daily planning for my journey to

I have to make sure that the ground was clean and clear without any obstacles because there might be branches fell from the trees, stones, or some hard objects on the ground. Therefore, clearing the ground is a must, if not I will feel uncomfortable when sleeping inside the tent, I might also afraid that it might tear the bottom of the tent if I did not check properly.  Okay,

We reach Zhanakorgan”, a small district in southern Kazakhstan. It’s spell “ “ZHANAKORGAN”, not  MAHAKOPFAH…HAHA I think all of the kids around here are pro in riding their bicycles as I notice many of them did not have the braking system but they still handle it very well.   Okay, I have to stop and take a photo of this, my favorite BMW E34. This car is the third generation of