I do not need to apply for a visa anymore after I enter Romania, I am in the Eurozone now. I can enter many countries in the Eurozone freely. I will definitely be riding zig zag in those countries since I was here and it’s fun to explore every part of Europe but my plan doesn’t allow me to do so. I have to reach London on time for the

The house owner invited me for a lovely breakfast. Look at the photo, what a nice and lovely meal for me, is like I am having breakfast at a nice restaurant. The owner was curious about where I came from and why I ended up here. After some conversations with him, he quickly called up his friend, who is the reporter from the local TV news. He spoke in his

Look at this, how nice the weather is today. I don’t think there will be any climbs ahead or the snowy mountains that I have passed months ago. The temperature is hot with low humidity, nice scenery… Passing by a small fruit store at the roadside, I bought a watermelon. It is good for this kind of weather, I have eaten half and I plan to keep another half for

I never knew that Moldova had 2 governments during that time. They were using two different currency notes. I have to pass a border inside the country on the second day in Moldova. The border was guarded by the army with guns. I have been told to surrender all my documents to them. Unfortunately, the communication broke down, I was questioned many times by them for the reason I am

Hmm, I have no idea what the purpose of donation of unwanted ironmongery is, mainly padlocks? Look at these, the whole bridge is full with padlocks. I like this more as those padlocks look more colorful and variety compared to those rusty on the bridge. Can I have one? Today is day 129 of my travelling since valentines start. I have been travelling with this black bicycle for more than