I roughly recall it being early days of KL To London. Walking around the city after lunch, I saw a wedding taking place. It was all smiles, but mostly, people were wondering which entrance to walk in. The bride and groom’s guests are to enter via two different registration tables. More interestingly, there were two couples having a wedding together! ‘Confusion’ does not begin to describe China. I also noticed

  Day 7 I arrived at Manang (3500m) for permit verification. It’s a beautiful place, much more refined than the rest of the villages I’ve seen so far. But it’s as established as it is expensive. It is typical for hikers to stop here for a few days to acclimatise. I couldn’t afford that time nor expense, so off I went to Tilicho Base Camp (4150m). The total duration from Khangsar

Transitioning from a cyclist to a hiker, I realised that there are many similarities. Both involve travelling to the unknown, backpacking and surviving in the great outdoors. The real difference though, lies in the luggage. In KL To London, I could hang my belongings to the bike. When I hiked,  I had to carry the weight on my shoulders. That’s just one of the few things I discovered on my solo hiking