Look at the solid blue sky! It is hard to see the sky without any clouds! It is a nice day to dry up my tent after a wet night before I use it again. This thing is normal today in 2022 but it was really new stuff to me back in 2012, 10 years passed… I have stopped for a while to enjoy this view as the view is

I found out that I am sleeping behind a backyard / garage of people’s houses. I could not see it yesterday as it was already dark and late at night when I set up the tent. Haha, so funny Hmm, actually the view is not bad while looking out from my tent window. Nice scenery. Is that a snail without its shell? Or can anyone tell me what it is?

OMG?? They have all of these for breakfast, it looks delicious, I think I can finish all of it within a second. Okay, I’ll take all of it. I am certainly full now after finishing the big breakfast. I am trying to beat a challenge which is climbing the mountain without stopping with full load. Hope that I can lose some weight. Some of the cyclists shout at me for

Col du Lautaret is a high mountain pass in France and it is one of the most famous mountains for the cyclist to go. This place has been crossed over 40 times by the Tour de France, it is famous for the beautiful view before a long and steep descent. Hi, want to get something? I think it is above 4000m at the top of the mountain. Take a look

Good Morning, another good day for mountain climbing. As you can see, what a lovely view with a beautiful mountain ahead. Oh no, the weather doesn’t seem good ahead. It suddenly turned cloudy, hope that it will not rain or snow later…. I will not feel sleepy no matter how long or how far I cycle but I will confirm that I will fall asleep while driving a car… A