Dec 2015

The Right Fit

Bike-fitting is to cycling that a memory pillow is to sleeping. It’s modifying a bicycle to adapt and fit to its rider as if it was custom-made. I believe that it’s every cyclist’s wish to be able to ride comfortably even when they’re racing the wind for a good distance of 100-200km. My answer to that is bike-fitting. Before I got into the routine of bike fits, I consistently came home


Dec 2015

PJ Fun Ride 2015

As it is with all events, the planning of PJ Fun Ride began much earlier but the details ended up being put together at the last minute. The premium rush of Malaysian ways. This was the day I was going to launch Moocycle.com. This blog which is my blood, sweat and tears compressed into a website of words and photos encapsulating my journey as a cyclist. So it was expected

  13th day from Kuala Lumpur and my wheels finally got me to Bangkok! The heat was worse than ever but seeing every nook and corner of the city while I cycled was amazing. There was so much more to see, the markets, the monuments, the people who seemed so content in their place.

  Location: Maeklong Railway Station, Thailand Scouring through my KL to London photos when I found this haunting photograph of an old man at the Maeklong Railway Station. That evening, I was walking alone – well of course, alone – around Maeklong, wandering and appreciating the culture of this railway station-cum-market. I noticed this old man sitting by the roadside for a really long time. If I could speak Thai,

As a cyclist, I am aware that not everyone has had the opportunity to clock in the time or distance that I have with the 18,000km from Kuala Lumpur to London. A lot of people would ask, “Is it even possible to get there by cycling? Don’t you have to cross the seas?” So I want to share about how I mapped out a route that led me safely by land to