It’s common for cyclists to have a dilemma revolving storage space. If you have just one bike, it’s a lesser worry but avid kaki-s like myself are bound to have more than one bicycle at any point in time. How do you keep your “second wife” without stinging on space in your home? I’ve had that problem and the fact that my place is relatively small, I had to deal with


Oct 2015

Zero To Hero

As a kid, the hero who was most inspiring to me has always been Bruce Lee.  A man who cannot be defined by the strength of his muscles, but the strength of his will. He paved the way for Martial Arts enthusiasts all over the world, ingeniously refined the most reputable Wing Chun and that’s how he brought martial art into a completely new dimension. Being one of the first Chinese Kungfu teachers in

Location: Hatyai District, Songkhla, Thailand.  Having entered Thailand on the day 7, the first familiar sight I spotted was 7-Eleven. As short as it sounds, the 7 days had felt long and hot and a repeated cycle of feeling hungry and tired. The chance to cool down in the small space of an air-conditioned 7-Eleven was one I couldn’t pass up. My oasis in this desert of 18,000km. I also

Been sweeping websites for a reliable guide on how to spot counterfeit products and here’s a pretty good one I’d like to share with you guys. On the topic of counterfeit, I personally have no issues with products made in China. Let’s face it, nearly 90% of the things in my house are made in China. But these aren’t just goods made in China. they’re counterfeit. That means they’re inferior to the original in

Location: Padang Besar I always had this mindset that as I biked cross-country, there would be people behind on my trail, whether to record this journey or just to make sure I don’t end up as roadkill. So I’d get this urge to look back every once in a while and every time I did, I realised that I was alone. The three days I had already spent on the