Do you believe that humans are bigger in size compared to now and 100 years ago? Ohh, look at these beautiful crystal clear water, it was really tempting to jump into the water during this hot summer. I am now near the Porta Verona at Piazza Marina. It is the time to have some fun. I was having so much fun playing with them and the water was really refreshing.

“Life is a journey”, I am grateful that I was born in a poor family and I could have the opportunity to learn how to work at my family hawker stall since I was 8 years old. I am taking this opportunity now to enjoy what I have left out during this journey as most of the time I was only in the hawker stall and I could remember very

Good Morning, it’s 7.15am local time in Italy somewhere in Monfalcone. I noticed that most of the people in Europe did not wake up so early in the morning. I like the lifestyle over here, chill, haha. There is a grape farm along the way, I think I could pick some and put it into my bag so that I could eat it along the way, HAHA. I am looking

My ultimate bike, it is still in good shape and working good although it has been travel 16,500km I am not sure about my heart, lungs and legs muscles… I think is still in good shape as well Nice view, they were enjoying the benefit of natural sunlight. Wish I can spend some times here in the future What a nice place, I can see people cycling everywhere around the

This is the morning view of the third largest city of Croatia, Rijeka. I am now heading to Slovenia and Italy. There were around 1,700km from here to London and 20 days to go before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic. I just need to cycle around 85km per day in order to reach there on time. Alternatively, I could hit more distance a day so that I could