My next stop: Bishkek, the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan. A nice weather to begin the journey for today.  Along the road, I have encountered 5% 6% 12%, but those gradient doesn’t seems to be a challenge for me as I have encounter son many challenges  along the journey.  Leopard King from far away. I still remember that the curiosity on wondering what is below while looking out the

After saying goodbye to Madi, I continue my journey to London. I had another 2 months + to reach London before the opening ceremony of the London Olympic and luckily I am on time for my current schedule. My next stop is Bishkek, around 240km from Almaty. As I have set my daily limit on 160km, means that I have to find a place to sleep in between. If I

After found out that I have no chance to divert my route in Astana after visiting Malaysian Embassy. Now, I have to stick back my initial plan, which is cycling alone all the way to London. Theremore, I have one more day in Almaty with Madi, the next day I will start my journey to London. I am now halfway from Kuala Lumpur to London. I have checked my bicycle

Have anyone ever tried horse and camel milk before? This is my first time drink it, the taste was so strong compared to cow milk…Madi told me that the people will get stronger when you having one of these everyday… ok… I am out. 😣 On the way back from Astana to Almaty, spend some time to learn some basic vocabulary from Madi so that it will not be boring for

1st of May, is Labour day, it took me 2.5 month to reach here from Kuala Lumpur. My plan is to reach London before 27th July, before the opening of the London Olympic 2012. I have another 2.5 months to go. Am I able to make it on time? As you can see in the photo, I am on my way to Astana for Malaysia embassy with Madi for my