It was so much fun walking around in the busy streets while people was speaking in their language that I did not understand. “mari , mari, mari” just pick what you want, no need to choose, I wish to taste all of it but I don’t know what it tastes like.. The stall owner doesn’t look like Russian, maybe Asian, Thai? Haha, just my imagination. Wow, this market not only

After cycling around 70km from the border, I reached Astrakhan. This is the southern and also the lowest city of Russia based on sea level. This seems like a big town to me after I left Atyrau. One of the best things for me is those small insects totally disappear when I reach here. By the way, I am busy looking for the head net just to prevent encountering those

A wonderful morning with the clear blue sky after a good sleep. Today I am going to pass the Russian immigration border. I still remember how difficult it was to get the Russian visa, and in the end I only got approved for 9 days of visa!! Could you imagine, it is only 9 days! It means that I have only got 9 days to cross the world largest country

At last, I think I am reaching the border of Russia, and it is the last place in Kazakhstan after spending almost one month in this country. Can anyone understand or translate for me the name of the signboard? I couldn’t pronounce it. If you would like me to guess, I would say it looks like a bus stop. However, I did not see any person waiting here even though

It was a great sunny day to leave Atyrau. I am leaving the city toward the town near the Russian border. No worries, all my clothes have been washed, it’s smells really good, HAHAHA I am ready to go, bye Atyrau. Flat land again, am I going to cycle on this flat land for the whole day? From morning till now, I have been cycling under the sun, I could