It was a great sunny day to leave Atyrau. I am leaving the city toward the town near the Russian border. No worries, all my clothes have been washed, it’s smells really good, HAHAHA I am ready to go, bye Atyrau. Flat land again, am I going to cycle on this flat land for the whole day? From morning till now, I have been cycling under the sun, I could

I joined the Atyrau cycling club for a ride today. I met one of the members in a bicycle shop and he invited me for the morning ride with his friends. Riding a bicycle will give u alot of fun, we enjoyed it very much. They were laughing while watching me riding a touring bike wearing a pair of slippers. HAHA The whole tour was around 30km with this kind

I was glad that they invited me for a family picnic on the next day with all the kids. I am so happy to see all the Malaysian kids This was really a big gathering, there were mini buses, vans and cars. We were travelling out of town to a nice picnic area. We, the adults, were preparing some picnic games for the kids, while the locals were preparing BBQ.

I have left Malaysia for this journey for almost 4 months, finally I am able to meet a group of Malaysian families who are working abroad in Atyrau. I am lucky to be invited by them with the very warm Malaysian conversation that I truly miss in these four months, together with the super delicious home cook nasi lemak and sup kambing😋😋😋, I miss it so much! I had refilled

I decided to take a break for today after a long ride. Today will be free and easy in Atyrau, I can go wherever I want. There is a modern and good looking mall located within walking distance from Mr Azam’s apartment. Very convenient for Mr Azam’s as he could buy some groceries or daily necessity from here. Hmm, all I can say is the toilet culture between Kazakhstan and