Finally, I have reached Ukraine, this custom in Ukraine was not as busy as Bukit Kayu Hitam, the immigration was smooth and easy to pass. The bike stand which was given by the bicycle shop at Kampar, Perak is still working great now!! It was a simple hook to hold the stand whenever the bike starts to roll Ukraine, the second largest countries in Europe, former country of Soveit Union.

There are some thoughts flashing in my mind once a while when cycling. Sometimes I will think and question myself that why and how am I going to get started on this journey, it is not a simple task. After months of cycling and now I am soon entering Ukraine, I have successfully completed more than halfway of my journey, I can proudly tell my daughter that “everything is possible,

Having a visit to an Armenia museum in Russia. I was lucky to have a beautiful Armenian tour guide who can speak a little English and bring me and Greg to tour around in the museum I have to say that Armenian women look truly gorgeous, they have a perfect combination of Asian and Caucasian features, making them look unique in front of everyone. They were famous in their dark

This is my food that I bought along the way, and looks healthy. Looks cloudy in the afternoon, hope there is no rain today or else it would be difficult for me to cycling You can’t believed is already 9pm at night, the skies is clear now Antique monuments along the way…Is been here at least more than hundreds year I think Is a long way to go until the

Now I might think that those young girls with long hair could easily drop everyday and their mom needs to swipe the floor. Their mum has made a good choice by cutting off all their hairs. HAHAHA The lovely little tour guide and her mom are having me stay in their home, I wish that I could come back and find them in the future. I will have to sleep