Location: Hua Thanon Beach After leaving Sichon around 5am in the morning, I saw a signboard to another beach and the junction took me on 30km of detoured cycling to reach Hua Thanon beach – one of the least developed parts of Koh Samui. It seems the less developed a place is, the more you see of its natural state. Beautiful in its own untainted way. It was

A century ride is a bicycle ride of more than 160.9km in the span of 6 hours. Now, there’s a reason it’s called a century ride and that’s because it originated from western countries where 160.9km was in fact, exactly 100miles. Last Sunday was 2015’s Melaka Century Ride and because I had already registered myself way before, I didn’t even think twice about doing it amidst the hazy conditions. I

I first started joining full triathlons in 2014 with zero experience with swimming and running events. It’s still relatively easy to do those sports because I train constantly – my body is accustomed to insufferable conditions. But what really makes me drawn to triathlons is that you get to meet people from all walks of life and more often than not, they’re experts at what they do. I suppose athletes

It’s all great on paper to mount a bike and pedal down a highway. Makes you look really cool on photos too. But take it from me when I say safety is the number #1 rule when you cycle. In the UK alone, there was nearly 20,000 accidents involving cyclists in 2013 as shown on DWI Guys`s website. The number is comparatively smaller in Malaysia because there are a lot

Location: Tha Kham, Phunphin District To be completely honest, I lost track of where exactly I was in these photos. I merely remember that I was in this vicinity and the seasides still surrounded the towns I was passing through. I rode for about 150km that day along this coastal road before I decided to put up the night at a cheap chalet nearby. I sat down and had a